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Soft Wall


Starting from a fascination with architecture, I started a quest to convert hard architecture (see construction) into a soft architecture (textile). Because architecture is very wide, a more specific focus was needed. Namely the walls, the carriers of a building. The walls are literally and figuratively support points for both people and building.

The supportive aspect is the starting point of my research. On the basis of textile wall objects I make a connection between the wall and the body. This by literally knitting a wall. Based on the wall knits I make connections between man and architecture (wall). These connections are playful wall objects that can be seen as an image in which man finds peace / support in his environment. The objects have been constructed in such a way that I have the control of the attitude of the viewer / user. As walls control the shape of a building.

When these forms hang in public places (station, meeting room, museums ...), an unexpected interaction between people and walls arises. With the objects, a kind of space is created in a space, in a world where there is neither time nor place to relax.



Dutch design week “the pliable moment” - De fabriek (NL

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