You can build a house with bricks but you build a home with textiles


Nomad | Interior accessories

Nomad is a knitted home collection inspired by a nomadic way of living. It’s a series of knitwear which represents the warmth of a home. Nomads travel from one place to another and continuously rebuild their home with different fabrics, tapestries, cushions. By creating a contemporary view of this tradition, a game arises between different graphic patterns and bright colors.

After thorough investigation, I have developed my own technique by relying both on the extensibility of knitting as well as on the strength of the weaving technique. This way, I have established strong knitwear which might seem like it is woven at first sight, but it is actually knitted.

Nomad is made with 100 % natural woolen yarns. The collection consists of cushions, plaids and carpets. All pieces are made to order to suit your needs.

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Charlie | Scarves

Charlie is a knitted scarf collection with a focus on graphic patterns


100 % Made In Belgium

The collections are all made in Belgium. It’s important to keep the production in Belgium to stay close to the production process.

Belgium was in the earlier years an important producer of textile. Nowadays the production moved to low wage countries. By keeping the production locally we invest in keeping the knowledge in house and have a easier communication. Samples are made in the studio on the Brother domestic knitting machine. Together with the Belgian producer, choices are made and only a few pieces are tested on the industrial machine. Afterwards, a selection is made.

A local production is more expensive than off shore production but for me the ethical aspect prevails over the price. By playing the same game but with different rules of engagement we create products that meets today's standards.


Natural yarns

Wool is the ultimate sustainable fibre. It is also thermal and anti-allergenic.

Merino wool is the softest wool that doesn’t itch one bit. It is perfect for all-year-round clothing. The breathing qualities of the fabric hold great advantages when it comes to comfort. Merino wool is odor resistant it absorbs all odor molecules and only releases them upon washing.

Alpaca is one of the highest quality and most durable wools in the world. The Alpaca fibre has a structure that is hollow and longer than other wools, making it long-lasting and unlikely to pill.

Strong wool is one of the most durable carpet fibre. The home collection is made out of strong carpet yarn. It's washable and has a long-lasting appearance.



As a textile designer I have to take my responsibility towards the environment.

The textile industry is not the most environmentally friendly sector, but by making certain choices regard the production and material, we can do our bit. The collections are not time-bound and we keep the stock limited by working with orders.